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Human resources

Human resources is concerned with the management and organisation of Foundation personnel. This includes the formulation and implementation of policies for managing staff in conformity with the mission and strategic objectives of the Besta Foundation; the estimation of staffing requirements; and the forecasting and monitoring of personnel costs.

Main responsibilities:

  • All aspects of personnel management including legal, economic, selection, and recruitment, including use of alternatives to public competitions
  • Management of superannuation; monitoring of hours worked and absences
  • Management of personnel temporarily substituting permanent staff
  • Provision of staffing information to other Besta units and to third parties
  • Management of contracts pertaining to various categories of research personnel
  • Career structures
  • Evaluation procedures
  • Relations with Trades Unions
  • Disciplinary procedures; conciliation and resolution of conflict procedures (in collaboration with Institutional Affairs)

Other responsibilities

Authorisation of trainees and postgraduate students
Formulation of employment contracts (including temporary contracts)
Development and management of incentive policies
Management of contract funds
Input to formulation and implementation of training programmes
Registration of Continuing Medical Education credits
Support for joint committees as prescribed by Italian National Contract for Workers' Participation (CCNL)
Involvement in formulation of documents pertaining to organisation of Foundation.


Marco Losi

Marco Losi - Director


Secretariat and Support
tel. 02 2394 2261
Daniela Sfameni

tel. 02 2394 2314/2018
Barbara Lullia

Salaries and National Insurance

tel. 02 2394 2189
Person in charge: Rossella Messe

tel. 02 2394 2189/2404
Luca Lauri
Rosanna Perrucci Di Levrano

National Insurance
tel. 02 2394 2338
Annamaria Casulli

Competitions, Study Fellowships, Contracts, Personnel Evaluation

tel. 02 2394 2019
Paola Trapletti

Study Fellowships, Contracts, Personnel Evaluation
tel. 02 2394 2981
Borella Davide Mario

Hours Worked, Absences
tel. 02 2394 2393
Flora Mancini
Neri Maria Filomena


tel. 02.2394.2261
fax 02.2394.2533

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