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The Besta Foundation is proud of its record in training and teaching. For over 50 years it has trained young physicians, clinical and laboratory investigators, and academic neurologists, offering outstanding courses and facilities.

Training and updating are provided to hospital staff according to the standards established by the Italian National Commission for Continuous Training (Commissione ECM) promoted by the Italian Ministry of Health and Region of Lombardy, and based on the Continuous Medical Education − Continuous Professional Development model.

The Besta Foundation now also provides managerial training, and is in fact co-founder (with the Sacred Heart Catholic University) of the Research and Study Centre for Health Service Management (Ce.Ri.S.MA.S) which each year holds updating courses for administrative personnel and managers within the health sector.

The Training Office is also concerned with accreditation and with the organisation of congresses and meetings in neurosciences.



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Alessandro Petillo

Manuela Bloise

Tina Pappalardo


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