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Statute and Ethical and Behavioural Code


The Statute was adopted following the transformation of Besta into a Foundation, which according to Italian Legislative Decree No. 288, 2003 required revision of the regulations covering the IRCCS in accord with Article 42, paragraph 1 of law No. 3 of January 16, 2003. With its resolution of 27 April 2006, the Region of Lombardy accepted Besta’s proposed Statute and passed it on to the Italian Ministry of Health which in turn approved the document with a Ministerial Decree of 28 April 2006. The Region of Lombardy approved the Statute on 27 May 2009.
The Besta Statute has 22 Articles and constitutes, together with Italian Legislative Decree No. 288, 2003 (ratified by law No. 3 of 2003) and pertinent regional legislation, the essential framework governing the management, organization and function of the Foundation.

Ethical and Behavioural Code

In compliance with Region of Lombardy requirements, the Besta Foundation has adopted an Ethical and Behavioural Code, consisting of Ethical Code proper and a Model for Organization and Control.

The Ethical and Behavioural Code lays down the values and principles that inspire the activities of the Foundation; the ethical and social responsibilities of management and of staff; and the rights, duties and responsibilities of the Foundation in relation to third parties.
The Model for Organization and Control has the objective of identifying the risks expected to be run by the Foundation in carrying out activities in which the Foundation could be legally responsible for criminal acts committed by physical persons.

The Besta Foundation has also set up an Evaluation Committee (Comitato di Valutazione; CdV) This is an autonomous structure with powers of investigation and inspection, with members from within Besta and also from the outside, whose task is to watch over the functioning and, observance of the Ethical and Behavioural Code and modify it if necessary.




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