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Service for Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Staff (SITRA)

The aim of the Besta Nursing, Technical and Rehabilitation Service − which goes by the name of SITRA in Italian − is to ensure personalized high quality care to all patients at Besta, in conformity with ethical norms and with the Foundation’s mission. At the same time the service aims to provide the working and organisational conditions necessary to ensure that its nursing, technical and rehabilitation staff are highly motivated and gratified, so that the patient is given priority.

SITRA is an autonomously managed and organized structure to coordinate nursing, support, technical rehabilitative and catering staff, under the Health Director. It principal functions are:

To identify the resource requirements of the nursing, support and technical staff (in partnership with the heads of the various Operating Units).
To plan and develop improved models for the organization of patient care.
To establish criteria for managing nursing, support and technical staff as regards selection, integration, assessment, development and mobility.
To determine training requirements for nursing, support and technical staff, and draw up personalized training and education programmes, consistent with hospital objectives.
To establish systems and indicators for assessing performance in nursing, technical, rehabilitation, and catering and accommodation staff
To examine means of applying work contracts, and ways of rewarding and assessing staff performance
To develop and implement quality assurance programmes (including improved procedures and guidelines for monitoring adverse events) and research programmes pertinent to nursing and technical staff



G. Clara Moreschi

Coordinatrici infermieristiche
Anna Floris
Antonina Adorno

Lucio Panzica

Anna Costanza Preti


tel. 02.2394.2336 – 2319 – 2530 
fax 02.2394.2963

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