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Membership of Associations and Consortia

In conformity with its mission, the Besta Foundation, is a member of several associations and consortia including: The Consortium of Functional Genomics (GENOPOLIS) to promote the scientific and technological development of the discipline of functional genomics. The Centre for Research in Health Management (Ce.ri.S.Ma.S.) to collaborate with public and private health care structures in promoting innovation in health care management. The Association for Clinical and Rehabilitative Neuroscience (ANRC), made up of representatives from public and private Designated Centres of Research And Treatment (IRCCS) promote research in rehabilitative neuroscience. The CNAO Foundation has the aim of constructing and managing the Italian National Centre for Hadrotherapy. Besta is one of the founder members of CNAO. The Terranuova Bracciolini Rehabilitation Centre SpA is a specialist rehabilitation centre in Valdarno (Province of Arezzo, Tuscany).

The Besta Foundation is also a member of: The Italian Federation of Health Clinics and Hospitals (FIASO) − to promote the development of public health care in Italy and encourage training and updating of hospital staff. The Alliance Against Cancer − a non-profit organisation that promotes collaboration between Designated Institutes of Cancer Research and Treatment (Cancer IRCCS), running an information network and encouraging the exchange of data and scientific findings. The Alliance of Italian Hospitals in the World − to promote quality in Italian hospitals abroad, in association with the Italian Ministry of Health and the IPOCM project. The Italian Disability Network (DIN) − promotes the World Health Organisation International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF). In association with the company Centro Diagnostico Italiano SpA and the San Carlo Borromeo Hospital of Milan, the Besta Foundation promotes the use of Cyber Knife stereotactic radiosurgery in oncological diseases




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