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Progressive internationalization affects the health sector as it does other fields of human activity.

The strategic plan of the Region of Lombardy (Regional Decree (DGR) No. 8501 of 26 November 2008,) emphasised the need to develop “health alliances” to ensure that internationalization of the health care system is a positive experience; and also to develop models for managing research and development involving leading players in the regional health care sector, in line with the European principle of subsidiarity.

As a leading neuroscience institute, the Besta Foundation is contributing to the Region of Lombardy’s strategic plan by forging links with institutes and organisations in Europe and elsewhere. For example, Besta is part of the WHO’s Health Promoting Hospital project to encourage management quality, help hospitals achieve their health missions, and support cooperation and exchange between participating hospitals.

The Besta Institute has also established twinning accords with structures in depressed or underdeveloped parts of the world, and is planning further twinning accords; it also intervenes in areas afflicted by health emergencies or where particular neurological illnesses are common.

To better meet its international commitments, the Besta Organisational Plan (POA) for 2008-2010 made specific provision for the coordination of international relations, particularly in the areas of treatment and research, which are the direct responsibility of the President in close collaboration with the General Manager and the Scientific Director.




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