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Working in partnership with other organisations

The Besta Foundation engages in marketing to promote the “Besta brand” and highlight Besta’s high level neurological and scientific expertise − always in full respect of ethical and legal constraints on medical publicity.
Besta also employs agencies to promote the Foundation and provide information about the diseases treated, research lines and facilities available, both to individual members of the public, and to volunteer and other associations with a view to encouraging collaboration.
The President and Board of Governors decide the strategic direction that collaboration should take. Other organs of the Foundation are concerned with specific aspects:

  • Collaboration in research and clinical activity: Scientific Director’s Office
  • Collaboration agreements with public and private bodies: Office of Agreements and Legal Affairs (in close liaison with the Scientific Director’s Office)
  • External relations, promotional of the Besta image, communication campaigns, sponsorisation and miscellaneous initiatives and events: the Press Office
  • Promotion of the high level training/educational courses offered by the Foundation Training Office


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