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The Foundation’s library has a large collection of scientific books and journals, mainly in the general area of neuroscience and including clinical and research volumes. The library is open to Besta personnel and also to external health professionals.

Since its founding in 1918 − when neuro-psychiatrist Carlo Besta was appointed director of what was then known as the Institute for Brain Wounded Veterans – the Institute has always been an important information and updating resource for doctors and researchers.

The initially archived volumes were periodicals and monographs on the history of medicine and neurology, and those which reflected the interests of the Carlo Besta (disciple of Camillo Golgi) in the fields of neuroanatomy and neurological pathophysiology.

The successive expansions of the library’s patrimony first reflected the massive expansion of the neurosciences in the mid 20th century and then the space saving made possible by the development of information technology. Today the library service has been transformed, as it belongs to national and international networks that make it possible to consult research periodicals and other publications on line.

At present, library users can access over 9000 scientific texts (full-text form) and biomedical databanks on line as a result of the library’s participation in the regional interlibrary project Lombardy Biomedical Library System (SBBL) and the Italian national organisation Bibliosan.

The work of the Library:

  • To buy, catalogue and conserve books and periodicals both in paper and electronic form
  • To facilitate use of the library’s resources by maintaining user friendly electronic catalogues
  • To facilitate access to information and documents pertinent to training and updating
  • To provide assistance to users on the use of electronic means to access information including biomedical databanks
  • To make available information on journal impact data (Impact Factor, H-index, etc.)
  • To co-operate with other libraries to maintain and improve interlibrary networks


Saba Motta - responsabile

Alessandra Atterrato
Rosalind Hendricks

Orari di apertura
Dal lunedì al venerdì
9.30/13.30 - 14.00/17.30


tel. 02.2394.2339
fax 02.2394.2276

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