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Press Office

Following its transformation into a Foundation, the Besta Institute opened a Press Office to liaise with the media, and ensure the accurate and timely dissemination of information about Besta to the wider world.

The Press Office is directly under President’s Office, which in turn works in close co-ordination with the Organisational and Technical Manager, the Scientific Director, the Departments, and the Operating Units.

The journalists and scientific consultants of the Press Office, collect institutional and scientific news and information and disseminate it to increase the visibility and enhance the scientific and clinical profile of the Institute, while ensuring maximum rigour and accuracy. The Press Office calls press conferences when necessary, oversees relations with newspapers, radio, television and the new media; interviews doctors and scientists and manages the Institute’s web portal.

The Press Office works closely with the Office for Relations with the Public (URP) and other internal structures to disseminate information, develop communication initiatives, and edit institutional publications (including the periodical INNbesta).



Press Office

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