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Rare diseases

The Besta Foundation has been designated by the Region of Lombardy as a member of the Regional Network for Rare Diseases. Besta is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment and care of adult and pediatric patients with rare neurological diseases and practices the exemptions designed to reduce difficulties for these patients. Besta also carries out research into several rare diseases.

Rare diseases are heterogeneous conditions that are difficult to diagnose and for which adequate treatments are not usually available. Notwithstanding the low prevalence of the individual conditions, as a group, rare diseases affect a large proportion of citizens and their families and are a major public health problem. Ministerial Decree No. 279 of 18 May 2001 set up a national network for the prevention, surveillance, diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases so as to promote rapid diagnosis and find adequate treatments for these conditions. Hospitals designated by the Italian Regions form the nodes of this network.

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Besta Foundation - Contact persons for the Regional Network for Rare Diseases

Davide Pareyson
Clinical department of central and peripheral neuropathies

Isabella Moroni
Pediatric neurology operating unit

Tel - +39 02.2394.3001 (Monday to Friday: 2,30 pm -5,00 pm)
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